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The Great Yogi Campout

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October 6-8th, 2017 


Native Springs Oasis

3135 South Kelso Valley Road

Weldon, CA 93283


Welcome to The Great Yogi Campout, a massive one of a kind event bringing the yoga community together in one of the most spectacular of locations Southern California has to offer! Enjoy the breathtaking views and peaceful serenity of the Native Springs Oasis located just outside of the Sequoia National Forest. The venue is located on sacred Native American ground and during what is the most incredible time of year there!
A 150 acre property with majestic mountain and water views, and scenic joshua trees.  It is a rare and special place, great for unity and tranquility!

Get your tickets now before early bird 🐦 pricing ends on August 31st!

The Biggest Names in Yoga


Rajashree Choudhury

Laju Choudhury


Gloria Suen


Briana Bernal


Lauren Kaye


Garland Hume

image3 (3)

Suzanne Elliott


Mary Anne Cox


Gina Maybury


Lee Dickenson


Amy Dickerson


Charles Hanford Beall

bel carpenter

Bel Carpenter

Special Guest Speakers

dave copy

Dave Sandoval

image1 (1)

Amy Venner-Hamdi and Riadh Hamdi

Live Music and Entertainment


Kristen Gradwohl of Valley Soul



image4 (1)

DJ Manny


Kerry Da Shakerman

Tons of Activities

Guests will enjoy everything from nearby hot springs, pool, kayaking, fire pit, drum circle and sweat lodge. We are offering many fun and unique classes such as the 26+2 beginner series, advanced 84 series, master classes, yin yoga, Buti-GLO yoga, and stand up paddle board yoga.

Clean and Organic Food
Special guest speakers will discuss how to apply yoga principles to your eating habits, diet through the yogis perspective, and clean eating and living practices.


In addition, each guest will receive a shaker bottle and two complementary organic shakes per day. Meal tickets are available and include some of the healthiest and most delicious cuisine available from top chefs around the world! There were also be food for purchase à la cart, food trucks, and many other great eats!
The Experience



Early Bird Admission pricing available through August 31, 2017.


Includes unlimited access to offerings.


As a bonus, you will receive from our sponsor 1 shaker bottle for the event and 2 organic healthy nutritious shakes of your choice per day.


Early Bird VIP 3 Day Admission pricing available through August 31, 2017.


Includes private access to VIP only areas


Meet and greet with headliners


VIP Dinner Thursday Night Oct. 5th (meal included).


Also includes Fresh Organic Meals prepared by our Exclusive Chef on Site for Friday Brunch & Dinner, Saturday Brunch & Dinner, and Sunday Brunch.


As a bonus, you will receive from our sponsor 1 shaker bottle for the event and 2 organic healthy nutritious shakes of your choice per day.



We are excited to bring our community together, to be inclusive, in the most fun and relaxed of atmospheres! This is slightly off-the grid yoga retreat for those looking for a great opportunity to unwind and get away!


At the Great Yogi Campout we are very passionate about yoga and want to bring global awareness it’s many physical and mental benefits. To promote discussion, and education centered on global health and well being is an important part of what drives us. We promote the cohesiveness between yoga and healthy living practices, environmental responsibility, rehabilitation, and disease prevention.


We are so incredibly thankful to come together in unity and know you will love being a part of this one of a kind event!


The Great Yogi Campout is proud to support Illumination Foundation and to have raised $550 towards their efforts to help the homeless in Orange County.


Yoga not only helps us stay fit, but it improves the overall quality of our daily lives. It’s not surprising then that the practice of yoga, as a form of exercise and as a way to achieve well-being, steadily has gained popularity, particularly within the past decade.


Your business can benefit in many ways by partnering up with the Great Yogi Campout. According to a 2016 Yoga in America Study conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance there are more than 36 million active yoga practitioners in the United States alone, and increase of over 50 percent since 2012. 30-49 year olds make up 43 percent of the practicing public, followed by those ages 50+ (38 percent) and 18-29 (19 percent). Spending too has increased within this segment of the population; practitioners spend 16 billion a year on classes and merchandise, up from 10 billion in 2012.


5 minute stage time for your company to be thanked and featured to be used at your discretion (product sampling, fashion show etc).


Two 3-Day Admission Tickets included. Social media mention.


Your company’s logo flashes across the home page of the website.


Display or tabling space with table, 2 chairs and electricity included.


Recognition dinner on Thursday Evening Oct 5th (Dinner for 2 Included).


Private access to VIP only areas.


Also includes Fresh Organic Meals prepared by our Exclusive Chef on Site for Friday Brunch & Dinner, Saturday Brunch & Dinner, and Sunday Brunch & Dinner.


Get your eco friendly or environmentally responsible product in front of the yogi audience.


Enjoy two 3-Day Admission Tickets.


Set up your massage tables, sell your oils, clothing, instruments, jewelry, art, service, lessons, yummy food and drinks.


Includes Table and 2 Chairs, electricity hookup is provided by request only and is an additional $100 for the weekend.


Your company’s logo flashes across the home page of the website.


Social Media Mention.


Your company’s logo flashes across the homepage of the website.


It also includes social media mention.

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We at the Great Yogi Campout have a passion for the benefits of a consisting yoga practice, as well as a healthy and eco friendly lifestyle! We want to bring together our community in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, while promoting education and awareness and you can be a part of our mission! If you are a studio/gym/spa owner we have a special incentive program for you!


Complete 2 out of the 3 following and have 3 members of your studio purchase admission tickets and your admission ticket is free!


Complete all 3 following and have 5 members of your studio purchase admission and admission for you and a guest is free!


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*No purchase necessary. Tickets are for free admission for the The Great Yogi Campout on October 6-8, 2017 and do not include accommodations or meal vouchers. Contact for more information

Special thanks to the very talented Preston Rencher for creating the beautiful poster art for our campout in its inaugural year!


Headliner Spotlight: Rajashree

It was in Kolkata, India that Rajashree Choudhury’s parents introduced her to yoga at the very young age of 4. She would later find herself to be very passionate about this practice, which she embraced by developing a love and consistency for it. She would soon after become a five-time winner of the National Indian Yoga Championship by the age of 18. Rajashree found Hatha yoga to be not only something that she could embody and that was of personal service, but also a great vehicle to heal others physically and emotionally. “May yoga unite you with yourself, your breath, your body and the new life you are creating.” She would later go on to establish the non-profit USA Yoga Federation and the International Yoga Sports Federation. She shares this message of love and empowerment across the world and has taught as many as 14,000 students in a single class in Time Square. “I teach from the heart. I want people to really experience that because then you are very much true to yourself, because then you can never can betray your heart.”

“I'm incredibly excited for the Great Yogi Campout, what is sure to be an amazing weekend with our yoga community in the beautiful and sacred grounds of the Native Springs Oasis. This event has a special place in my heart, unifying the love of yoga practice with a lifestyle that is good for one's soul and for this planet that we live on. A sense of ones own wellness blends perfectly with the practice of yoga asana and has always been something of upmost importance to me. I'd like to thank Dave Sandoval and Lauren Kaye for spearheading the production of this event that is sure to be abundant with love and promise.”


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